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Know How

"be-poles is like a creative lab, using a true craftsman’s approach"

le Magazine du Monde (January 2013)

be-poles was launched in the year 2000 in Paris, with a sole objective: to build strong, lasting brand identities.

Ever since then, we have remained focused on this same mission, and kept the same careful eye. We have never changed our guiding principles. We know the extent to which a brand’s identity is precious and should never be sacrificed to catch a fleeting trend.

As with architecture, a brand’s identity must be built wisely to make sure it can withstand the test of time. We stay away from “design” fads to give the clients who entrust us with their brands an artistic environment built on what’s real.

Areas of Expertise

"The brand is always at the heart of our process, regardless of the target media"

Identity & image

  • logos
  • graphic guidelines
  • publishing
  • products
  • packaging
  • media plan adaptation for print and outdoor advertising

A very strong typographic and iconographic culture. A careful balance, attention to coherence and accuracy in all details and dimensions.
Each project is treated like a precious work of art.


  • web design
  • e-commerce
  • responsive web design
  • in-store technologies

Websites designed with a strong, direct connection to the brand; an extension of its voice.

Brand Architecture

  • Flagships
  • retail networks
  • offices
  • hotels
  • restaurants

The transcription of a brand and its values in all of its aspects and dimensions. The complete experience.


A unique creative and rigorous approach
delivered by our studios in Paris and New York

The creative work we do is not just a stage in a process. It’s a mindset. It is the ongoing expression of new ideas, inventions.

To remain creative at all times, we choose to keep our operation small and to do things ourselves (drawing, sewing, etc.) customizing what we do for each project.

Between Paris and New York, we have twelve creative talents: art directors, designers, graphic artists and architects all rub shoulders and work like true craftsmen, all with the same level of discipline and rigor.

Our creative process is always connected to our strategy and to experimentation to foster the power of intuition. We refuse to compromise on the end result.

  • Antoine Ricardou

    State Registered Architect — Associate and Founder of be-poles
    Paris and New York

  • Clémentine Larroumet

    Associate and Founder of be-poles

  • Rémi Gintzburger

    Interactive Art Director
    New York

  • Rosie Silva-Guevara

    Art Director

  • Reynald Philippe

    Art Director
    New York

  • Danièle Guigonis

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Virginie Boulenger

    Art buyer and art director

  • Diane de Noyelle

    Art Director

  • Julie Salomon

    Project Manager

  • Mathias Rolland

    Junior Art Director

  • Rafael Weil

    Studio Manager Consultant
    New York

  • Caroline Bluche

    Junior Art Director
    New York

  • Nicolas Bolay

    Junior Art Director

  • Aurélie Colliot

    Junior Art Director

  • Adeline Joffret

    Project Manager

  • Laura Lemarié

    Junior Art Director

  • Mimo Havstad

    Partnership, Event & Social Media Manager

  • Victoire Schneider

    Executive Assistant & Project Manager

  • New York, New York

    (so good they named it twice)


A sustainable commitment for a desirable communication.

It is from now on essential for each company to strongly position itself in favour of the protection of our environment.
Your communication actions, if they are well controlled and advised, can play an effective part in this collective effort which must become a natural reflex.
We have created an ecological chart of commitment for a “sustainable” communication, which will also remain desirable.
Integrating this chart into a print project means making sure, without even having to think about it, that the approach is durable and respectful of the environment.

We called this commitment:
The Ecographik™ approach

The Ecographik™ approach

A hybrid term, Ecographik™ combines 2 words that are the founders of any approach concerned with communications that take into account environmental considerations.

Integrating Ecographik™ into a production and reflection process means first of all asking the question about an alternative: is it possible to do this another way? And even more so, is it possible to do this better, in terms of supports, production costs, as well as in terms of ecological impact?

Ecographik™ raises the question of a useful and sustainable communication that is under control.
Ecographik™ raises the question of printing responsibly, from the effect of the printing industry with respect to CO2 emissions and including the rest of the process involved from an environmental point of view (paper, ink, manufacturing, delivery).

It is worthwhile considering these responsibilities on the scale of production.
What applies to paper can also be applied in part to the Web.

Ecographik™, Ecologik, Economik.




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