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Launching our new ecocert cosmetic line Discover our Eucalyptus Shampoo, Cleansing Soap and Hydrating Lotion

Photos: Benoît Linero

Here at be-poles, the creation of an object is always the result of a reflection about form and function. We went for the eucalyptus, a scent reminiscent of Australia where Antoine Ricardou, co-founder of the studio, studied architecture in 1998.


The whole potential of the plant can be found in its scent spectrum. A clean and fresh top note of minty eucalyptus giving way to a woody base note. An ephemeral pleasure which blends on every type of skin. 

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In 1998, Antoine comes back to Paris after one year studying architecture in Australia with this distinct fragrance in his olfactive memory. In 2018, when we started to think about a fragrance for our cosmetics, our choice went naturally for this heady smell. 

Originally from Australia, eucalyptus is a majestic tree. 
A force of nature which spreads in its own architecture. Prolific king tree, its roots deploy until they consume every bit of water around it as an eternal solitary. Usually, leaves solely carry the smell. The eucalyptus is impregnated up to its bark. 

Eighteen months of product development in collaboration with a laboratory led to the creation of a unique formulation. The fragrance itself was born from a collaboration with a professor researcher from Montpellier University.


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The range


The neutral packaging inspired by dispensaries beautifies any restaurant bathroom, your office, or your home.  

Its unique 500ml format was thought to meet every need for those wishing to have a responsible and sustainable impact when using cosmetics. Specifically developed to meet the standards of the Ecocert label, the Eucalyptus Cleansing Soap, the Shampoo and the Hydrating Lotion produce just enough foam and quickly penetrate your skin.

The whole range is made in France and certified by the Ecocert label.  

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